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Light Well Circulation System - CoilHose

This system provides an alternative for the use of Coiled Tubing (CT) and down hole tractors by introducing a small diameter hose run on a standard wireline winch to perform circulation, cleaning and nitrogen lift services.
For cases where light well circulation is required, this service will be highly disruptive to legacy CT and tractor providers. The use of CoilHose is highly desirable to operators seeking to minimize the loss of hydrocarbon production and to lower overall costs of interventions.



Light Well Circulation System:

• Innovation integrating both Wireline and Coiled Tubing
• Enables rigless light circulation services
• Small foot print, low POB and significant reduction in total cost of operation
• Sensor conveyance
• Mobile & flexible setup (rapid deployment)
• Add-on concept – can be run from most wireline or slickline units 

Typical applications:

• Cleanouts and preventive maintenance of DHSV, XMTs etc.
• Hydrate removal
• Removal of scale, paraffin, asphaltenes etc.
• N2 gaslift/unloading wells
• Place barrier/sealing materials
• Removal of debris
• P&A – displace well to heavier fluid
• Sensor deployment
• Combined sensor monitoring and circulation services


Quality Intervention performs successful Coilhose Intervention offshore West Africa.