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Well Integrity Service

QI´s Well Intergrity Service addresses numerous well integrity issues such as wellhead leaks, annulus top-up/pump and bleed, sealant injection service, VR plugs, and line plugs.

Sealant Injection System (SIS)

QI has developed the Sealant Injection System (SIS) to repair leaks in wellheads and hanger area. The service repairs leaks in hangers to get wells back on gas injection and higher production. It will also be used to fix leaks for production and P&A wells.

A multi function tool for:
  • VR plug setting/pulling
  • Wire Brush in VR profile
  • Plugs in line pipe
  • Sealant injection tool 


Annulus Top-up System (ATS)

This is QI´s generic program for liquid filling annuli.
According to NORSOK D-010, “the annulus bleed system shall be liquid filled at all times if possible.  When gas has been bled off from the annulus, the annulus bleed system should be replenished with liquid.”
Through annual integrity surveys on platforms, several annuli are detected to lack liquid.
This can be due to numerous field-specific issues.
In addition to annuli fluid top-up, certain annuli requires lubricate and bleed operations where gas and light annulus fluids are replaced with heavy fluids in order to maintain an adequate hydrostatic head.

Well Integrity Service (WIS)